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Wilson Farm


Sure Wilson Farm is a 125-year-old family-run farm with the most impeccable fruits and vegetables youʼve ever seen. Yes, Wilson Farm harvests over 100 different crops year-round and is the epitome of “locally grown”. But what you may not know is that Wilson Farm is a foodie haven. We are bursting at the seams with not only perfect produce, but delicious cheeses, farm-fresh milk and eggs, gorgeous cut flowers, fine meat and freshly caught fish, homemade dishes from our kitchen and fresh-baked breads and decadent desserts from our one and only bakery.


And if you love all things local, check this out: Produce? Grown Here; Breads? Baked Here; Eggs? Laid Here; Prepared Foods? Cooked Here.


Is your mouth watering yet? Great! Then head on down to the farm where we sample something special each and every day. Once youʼve tried something hot and fresh from our kitchen or bakery, or sampled our juicy fruit or ripe vegetables, you will be ready to fill your basket with only the best fresh, affordable, local produce around.

Weʼll see you soon!


Locally Grown Produce that Looks Great and Tastes Even Better.

When Every Berry is Perfect, Every Eggplant Exceptional - Thatʼs Real Value!

Is this ripe? How do I prepare this? Ask our amazing staff (they know everything).

Crusty Bread; Glass Bottled Milk; Real Maple Syrup - The Good Stuff is Here.

Fill your belly without emptying your wallet - Donʼt miss our Weekly Specials.


Wilson Farm

10 Pleasant Street
Lexington, MA 02421

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Open Seven-Days-A-Week:
Monday - Friday: 9AM to 8PM
Saturday and Sunday: 9am to 7pm


Tel: 781-862-3900

Fax: 781-863-0469







So local you can see it growing


You can taste the difference


Always fresh flowers


Our signature Strawberry Shortcake


No one says “cheese” like Wilson Farm


Delicious produce. Terrific prices.