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Treat Your Feet, Reflexology


Reflexology is a complementary mode of promoting health and preventing illness through the application of pressure. This stimulates reflex points of the feet that correspond with every organ and system in the body. By stimulating the 7200 nerve endings in each foot, the flow of blood, lymph and energy are enhanced – and overall health is supported and stimulated. Reflexology promotes relaxation, improved circulation and immune function, relief from chronic pain, detoxification and a very noticeable, general sense of well-being.


An ancient technique in our modern time, reflexology is much more than just a “foot massage.” It utilizes thumb and finger pressure to create change in the energy flow of the body. After a calming foot bath, deliberate, firm pressure is applied to encourage shifts to happen. Depending on whether you wish to treat a specific illness or condition, or you simply want to enhance your wellness program, reflexology sessions can be scheduled on an as-needed basis, or as regular weekly, bi-weekly or monthly sessions.

Let your body know you care. Treat Your Feet and reflexology will take it from there.


Alleviates pain and chronic conditions

Drugless and non-invasive

Reduces body stress and tension, enhances relaxation, and promotes circulation


Call Debbie Jenney, Certified Reflexologist with 13 years of experience, and discover the joys of reflexology.
When your feet feel good, YOU feel good.


Treat Your Feet

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