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Savvy Traveler


The brainchild of Atlas Travel International owner Elaine Osgood, Savvy is a uniquely personal shopping experience for women who are going places. Featuring exciting fashions that can work as wonderfully for a school event or business meeting as they can for global travel, Savvy offers great tops, skirts, pants, sweaters, coats, bags and travel items you simply won’t find anywhere else in the area. With our new buyer, Lisa, at the helm, and our staff of truly interested Savvy consultants available to help you find just the right item, you can’t miss with frequent visits to this unique store right across from Lexington Post Office.


Here’s what our customers are saying…

“I love Savvy! Every time I stop by, I find something new that is a new highlight for my wardrobe. The quality is wonderful and the staff is incredibly friendly. ”


“This is the best-kept secret in Lexington. I purchased such versatile clothing there, I was able to travel three weeks in Europe with just one carry-on!”


“This travel agency actually has a store inside that sells great clothing and travel gear. My wife bought a coat for our trip to China, but finds that she wears it all the time. The best part about the coat is that it packed up so small…and she loved it!”


Every trip to Savvy reveals another treasure…
On one visit you might find the newest collection from Ex Officio, great bags from Baggallini, gorgeous coats from Mycra Pac (we’ve sold more than 200 in the past two years!). You’ll find the easiest care fabrics…just put one of our tops or skirts on, look great and go! Find travel undergarments that can be washed in a hotel sink and dry easily overnight, travel socks that help your circulation when in the air, and TSA-friendly laptop cases that help you speed through airport security. It’s really a treat in the middle of Lexington and we hope you’ll stop by!


Fashions + Travel Goods

1656 Massachusetts Avenue
Lexington, MA 02420

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Downtown Lexington, across from the Post Office.
Free parking behind the building.

Tel: 781-862-8050










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