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Colonial Times Magazine

1752 Massachusetts Avenue


“We wanted homemade hot fudge, and sampled made-on-the-premises fudges at ice cream stores around town... The best is made by Rancatore's.”
- –The Boston Globe Calendar


“Locals and city dwellers consider this spot ice cream mecca and owner Joe Rancatore practically a local hero."
-Lucky Magazine


The Eight Great Ice Cream Parlors in Boston
# 1. Rancatore’s: Ranc’s is easily overlooked. But this place is all about subtlety. While many ice cream parlors are into ramped-up flavorings, Ranc’s exercises restraint. Their flavors accent and complement the ice cream, letting the nuances of the dairy come through. Cinnamon-Nutmeg is not overly floral tasting, but rather hums with the warmth of fresh baked goods; Coconut is skillfully infused with the tropical seed’s flesh; Sweet Cream is tangy, with the rich complexity of a fine French butter.
–– Gourmet Magazine

Some Hints: 1. The famous "Micro Sundaes" are just enough, but you can stand up and take a bike ride right after. Meaning that they are small but good and of good size. 2. The butterscotch sauce is the best in the world.
–– N.C. Lexington

Rancatore's is a fantastic locally owned hot spot...Service is friendly and efficient, and even if it weren't the ice cream would totally be worth it! All the flavors are homemade... If you have to plan a trip to get here... do it!
–– J.R.


This is the first ice cream place I've been to that has had 'sweet cream' ice cream on the menu -- yes, you got that right -- pure ice cream -- just flavored with the cream itself. That means that the cream in this ice cream had better be top-notch stuff because that -- sweetened -- is all you are going to taste! And it is SO good here! Tastes just like pure, sweet cream. Simple, sweet, and perfect.
–– YW, New York, NY

rancatore’s Ice Cream

1752 Massachusetts Avenue
Lexington, MA 02421

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Tel: 781-862-5090