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Buy your next pair of eyeglasses at Eye Look of Lexington and you’ll never shop at the chain stores again. This may sound like advertising hype, but Eye Look is really that good. Here’s just a few of the benefits you’ll get with Eye Look:

Great selection of frames
Eye Look has a fantastic selection of frames – including many new and unusual designer frames you simply won’t find elsewhere. If you like selection, you’ll love Eye Look!


Premium quality lenses
Chain stores often promote low prices, but the fine print reveals it’s only on the lesser quality lenses. Eye Look features Hoya and Zeiss lenses. And yes, you can see the difference!


Very competitive prices
Before you assume that a private Lexington store has to be expensive, shop and compare. Feature for feature you’ll see that Eye Look prices are very competitive. Whether you want a modest pair of spare glasses, or the very best frames with high-density lenses and antiglare coating, you’ll get great value at Eye Look.


Rapid turnaround
Using in-house, state-of-the-art equipment, Eye Look can have your new glasses ready fast.


Personal service
One advantage of a local business is they really care. Whether it’s for you, your children or your senior parents, you’ll really appreciate the time, expertise and patient service you’ll receive. Plus the people at Eye Look have superb taste, and will help you choose exactly the right frames for you. Many of their customers leave the store with frames they never would have considered, and loving them!

Eye Look of Lexington

1760 Massachusetts Avenue
Lexington, MA 02420

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Mon-Fri 9 to 5:30
Thurs 9 to 7
Sat. 9 to 4


Tel: 781-862-4510

Fax: 781-674-0366