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Caravana Tutoring: 40


Give a hoot about your grades!


Our tutors bring their enthusiasm, strong coaching skills, patience, and caring. Your student builds confidence, knowledge, and better grades.


Caravana from the beginning
Carol has always enjoyed helping others understand the math and science subjects that seemed to come so easily to her. She helped her friends in school first, and later worked with community college students and neighborhood children. Then she realized that there are so many students who could benefit from a one-to-one approach to learning, so she started Caravana Tutoring.


“Whole” approach to learning
Everyone learns better in a comfortable setting, so we can come to your home or meet you in the library. We can work on homework/classwork, help prepare for an upcoming exam, or the SATs.


What is Caravana Tutoring
We provide tutoring in all math and science subjects, including test prep and AP studies. Our students are mainly at the Middle and High School levels (11-17 year olds), but we can also help younger students with their studies.


Why Caravana
Each student is unique and there are many different learning styles. Tutoring is a combination of coaching and teaching. We take the time to get to know your child as an individual – their learning styles, yes, and also their outside interests.


Ponder the following question for a minute. If you were a student who loved running track, which of the following math problems would capture your interest and inspire you to work harder?

   A. It’s the Regional Championships, and in the 1 mile race, Sam leaves the starting block at 1:00. Jo leaves the starting block at 1:03. Sam is traveling at an average speed of 6.3mph and Jo is traveling at 6.4mph. Will Sam or Jo win the race?

   B. Station 1 and Station 2 are 3 miles apart. If train A and train B leave Station 1, 5 minutes apart and are traveling at an average speed of 44mph and 46mph respectively, which one will reach Station 2 first?


At Caravana Tutoring, we believe that leveraging your child’s interests helps promote learning.

Caravana Tutoring

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Caravana Tutoring: 40