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# 1 Reason to Shop Locally:


Our businesses will welcome you with open arms, big smiles and great service. Save Time! Save Gas! And support your neighbors.


Why Shop Local?

Local businesses pay town taxes, donate to school fundraisers and local charities, and provide jobs. Honestly, without them we wouldn’t have a town. Plus you’ll save time, gas and the environment. When you support Lexington businesses you’re making Lexington a better place to live, work and visit. More about shopping local



Promote your business

Do you run a business in Lexington? Lex Is More is a new, green, surprisingly low-cost way to reach out to people who live and work in and around Lexington. All Lexington businesses are welcome – even sole-proprietors and home-based businesses. Learn more...


Don’t Live or Work in Lexington?

No problem. Lex Is More emails are good for everyone. The more the merrier! What have you got to lose?


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